Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Ayurvedic Perspective of Spring – Part II

During Winter, we accumulate the effects of the season in our bodies to the point of possible aggravation when the Spring arrives. Ayurveda refers to this as provoked Kapha. Kapha represents the elements of earth and water. Together, these two elements when provoked or in excess are cold, damp, slow, heavy, dull, and downward moving. If you are recognizing some of these aspects, it may be time to shake up some of your energies. Kapha, in its balanced state provides us with strength, stability, joy, happiness and grounding energies.

Spring is a time of upward moving energies. We can observe this movement around us in the form of new growth in the plant world. Sap is rising in the trees and shoots, sprouts, and greens are peeking above the earth. Foods that follow this upward-moving energy are excellent to add to your Spring diet and to help to balance excess Kapha. Scallions, chives, asparagus, celery, and salad greens all grow upward and make for wonderful additions to your diet now.

Similarly to the plant world, our own energies begin to ascend during Spring. We may find it easier to sleep less, rise earlier, and be more physically active. It is a wonderful time to make intentions to exercise and be outdoors more.

We can incorporate a yoga practice as part of our lifestyle. We can harness the natural fluidity in our energies by incorporating more leg-stretches as part of a hatha yoga practice. Asanas which help to open the lungs and expand the chest are also helpful in clearing out any stagnation of energies in our respiratory system and to promote the movement of our circulatory system.

Treat yourself to a nature walk and allow the senses to be stimulated. Stop to smell the sweet scent of roses, honeysuckle, and other wildflowers in bloom. Their captivating kaleidoscope of colors can be an uplifting awakening for the sense of sight. You can hand-pick some for making a refreshing spring tea, a bouquet, or to use for offerings in pujas. These ideas refresh the mind and can be a form of meditation themselves to stimulate the use of the senses with heightened awareness.

Other meditations or intentions that are synchronized with the Spring season is letting go of any lingering attachments. The energies of Spring are conducive to detaching from old habits and clearing mental clutter. By doing so, it creates more space in the mind and allows for clearer recognition of new potentials and the ability to welcome them in life.

Within a larger context, we ourselves can grow as a part of this seasonal change and realize our intentions of appreciation and devotion to the infinite interweaving of energies which allow us to witness these wonders. The abilities of the mind and consciousness to be aware of such divine experiences can be our greatest gift in embracing these energies and furthering the awareness of the subtle causation lying beneath the outward appearance of such beauty. Spring can be a brilliant setting to embrace the fact that it is the existence of this beauty within us that allows us to appreciate it in the outer world.

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